American Skin Association (ASA)

Established to serve more than 100 million Americans living with skin disorders, this organization is committed to advancing research, championing skin health (especially among children) and driving public awareness about skin disease. Visit ASA’s website for resources on healthy skin, sun safety, melanoma and more.

American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)

The AAD works to advance the diagnosis and medical, surgical and cosmetic treatment of skin, hair and nails. This group also advocates for high standards in dermatological clinical practice, education and research and supports and enhances patient care. Check out the AAD for information on different skin diseases and conditions and everyday care and to find a dermatologist in your area.

HS Foundation

Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the sweat glands and causes recurring boils in the folds of a person’s skin—for example, the armpits, groin or buttocks. The HS Foundation is committed to helping improve the lives of people with this disease through advocacy, education and research. Find HS specialty clinics, learn how to talk about HS with your doctor and join HS-endorsed support groups.

National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF)

The NAAF is dedicated to serving people with the autoimmune disease known as alopecia areata. Visit NAAF’s website for all you need to know about this condition, including types, treatments and tips for living with alopecia. Join the NAAF Support Group Network to connect with others who living the same experience. Check out the “Tools for Looking Your Best” guide for advice from people with alopecia areata. Shop for products, such as hairpieces, scarves, books and more, from the comfort of your home.

National Eczema Association (NEA)

The NEA is a resource hub for the more than 31 million people in the United States living with eczema and their families. This patient-centered organization provides important information on eczema, such as causes and triggers, types and treatments. Use the EczemaWise app to keep a record of your triggers, symptoms and treatments. Find an eczema specialist, browse products approved by the NEA and sign up for webinars featuring medical experts to learn how you can live well with eczema.

National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF)

This national organization is dedicated to helping people with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis manage their condition. Connect with patient navigators to find a doctor, to learn about treatments and health insurance and to receive financial assistance. Join the Psoriasis One to One support group and to be matched with a peer who has had a similar experience. Caregivers can also receive help and support via NPF.

National Rosacea Society (NRS)

The NRS raises awareness about rosacea, provides public information on the disorder and supports medical research around this condition. Patients can visit the NRS website for in-depth information on rosacea, answers to frequently asked questions, treatment management options and rosacea skin care and cosmetics. Read patient education materials, including the official newsletter of the NRS, patient guides and booklets, and find a physician.

Skin Cancer Foundation

Founded in 1979, the Skin Cancer Foundation provides people with information on skin cancer and its different types, risk factors, early detection, prevention and treatment. Learn about annual exams, find a dermatologist and read the Sun & Skin News blog for patient stories, celebrity interviews and expert advice. Join the foundation’s Facebook community of skin cancer warriors and healthy skin champions for support and education.

Vitiligo Support International (VSI)

Launched in 2000, Vitiligo Support International is a grassroots organization that offers advocacy and support for people with this rare skin condition that affects about 0.5% to 1% of people worldwide. The community group offers forums, chats, news and updates about vitiligo research and an interactive tool to find doctors who treat the pigmentation disorder. The goal of VSI is to raise awareness and help eliminate misinformation about the condition.