Countess Vaughn has never shied away from sharing details about her health. In the past, she has opened up about living with a thyroid condition and experiencing hair loss. Recently, the 39-year-old actress and singer disclosed that she has the skin disorder known as vitiligo, MadameNoir reports.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, vitiligo is a condition that causes areas of the skin to lose their natural color (pigmentation). The disorder affects up to 1 percent of the world’s population.

On July 11, Vaughn posted a video of herself and her young daughter on Instagram. The caption read, “Loving me regardless of my skin situation.”

Although Vaughn didn’t mention vitiligo in the post, fans were quick to note that she had light patches of skin around her mouth, leading them to speculate and ask questions.

Loving me regardless of my skin Situation

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Vaughn confirmed that she is living with the condition in the comments section of another post, which has been deleted.

“Yes, I have vitiligo,” she wrote.

The entertainer hasn’t elaborated on the subject but is still actively posting on her Instagram.

Vitiligo affects people of all races, ages and colors, but it is more visible in folks with darker skin. Potential complications from vitiligo include sunburn, skin cancer and eye problems.

Vaughn isn’t the first celebrity to reveal she has the condition. Model Winnie Harlow and singer Tamar Braxton are among many to have opened up about their experiences with vitiligo.

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