There’s nothing wrong with wanting clean, fresh hair. But too much washing removes the hair’s natural oils, which can lead to dryness and split ends. On the other hand, going too long without washing your hair leads to a very greasy scalp. So how often should you lather up? That depends on your hair texture and type, reports.

Most people should wash their hair two or three times a week, but those with coarse or tightly curled hair can push it to one week between washes. And those with oily hair may need it washed every day.

Still confused? These tips will help you decide how to best shampoo for your hair type:

Consult your stylist. Work with a professional who can help determine your hair type and recommend the best hair care regimen and products for you.

Shampoo 101. Use protein-based shampoos. Change every few months to avoid residue buildup. If you have oily hair, try rinsing hair with a solution of lemon juice and water once each month.

Space your washings. Add an extra day between washings and see whether it helps your hair achieve moisture balance.

Brush with purpose. Brushing and combing your hair redistributes the scalp’s oils. If your hair is dry, brushing can moisturize damaged ends. But if your hair is oily, avoid brushing from the scalp and just brush the ends of tresses.

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