Isometrics can help you tighten, trim down and tone up your body without any equipment. This type of training involves applying force against an object of resistance, which builds tension in specific muscles but doesn’t require you to budge or break a sweat.

For example, stand in front of a wall, place your palms shoulder-width apart against its surface and push really hard. This isometric exercise works the chest muscles. Another basic move is to place your hands in a prayer position directly in front of your chest while either sitting or standing. Press your palms together with a lot of force. You’ll feel a squeeze in the chest area, which is called a “maximal voluntary contraction,” experts explain.

Try working your body parts from various positions. For instance, hold your arms straight in front, to the side or bent. You’ll also have to breathe correctly, which means closing your eyes and inhaling deeply from the lower belly for five counts as you execute motions. Then, relax and exhale for five counts.

For best results, trainers suggest that individuals add isometrics to their regular workouts and perform them on different days during the week.