Wash and condition the hair in sections and finger comb to decrease the likelihood of tangles. Just realize that this style tends to be better for thin, short hair. (Longer hair can get tangled.) And for some hair, wash-and-go styles cause shrinkage, which may also lead to tangles.

Twist wet or damp hair. (But make sure the hair is not too wet because this could make strands more prone to breakage during twisting.) You can also use a moisturizer or oil to twist dry hair. One word of warning though: The style won’t last as long.

Wash and deep condition hair, then divide into 
sections and apply a leave-in conditioner. Seal with a light oil before braiding. Let tresses air-dry, or use a hooded dryer. Once completely dry, gently finger comb the hair to give tresses a crimped, curly or wavy look without the need for a heat appliance.

Buns or chignons.
You can always create a bun to wear as a protective style, but they’re also a great way to stretch your strands before wearing your hair out. Simply apply a generous amount of styling product to soaking-wet hair, and then fashion and pin your tresses into a bun. Presto! You’ll instantly achieve more length after your strands dry.