Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis explored the science behind several popular holiday myths. Are you ready?

  • Myth: There is a cure for holiday hangovers.
    The truth: No. Rachel Vreeman, MD, from the IU School of Medicine says, “There is nothing quick and easy that is shown to cure a hangover. Really, the only cure is prevention.
  • Myth: Poinsettias are toxic and deadly.
    The truth:
    Nope. Vreeman says they studied 23,000 cases of exposure to poinsettias. “In more than 96 percent [of the cases], people didn’t even need to talk to a doctor or go to a medical care facility.”
  • Myth: Eating at night will pack on more pounds than eating during the day.
    The truth: Not a chance. “There is nothing worse about a nighttime snack than a morning snack,” Vreeman explains. “The key is how much you take in overall compared to what your body is using up.”

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