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What Do Gen Z and Millennials Think About HIV?

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What if you changed the message, and rolled out the Tasp strategy, which encompasses all these concerns, in Canada we find in B.C. we talk about Tasp, in Ontario the message is U=U, we know need to compare outcomes based on the messaging, U=U is the outcome of Tasp, or said another way, people need access to Tasp, and to be educated about it, so they can lobby for it, the bible belt provinces need to swallow their prejudice and provide the gold standard to eliminate HIV

December 3, 2019 Canada


And I suggest that they've either not been taught about it in schools at all, taught about it badly in schools or else they just didn't take the teaching in when they were taught about it in school.

November 27, 2019 UK


The best description would be uninformed and clueless. Which is appalling considering they all have access to the internet and could get the facts in a matter of minutes! They stare at their phone screens all day long. Why are they uneducated?

November 26, 2019


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