While it’s true that deciding how to wear our hair while running or jogging is one hurdle women have to jump but most men can sidestep, there are many exercise-friendly styles to choose. LiveStrong.com presents several styling options for fitness veterans and ladies just launching a new exercise routine.

Ponytails. If you have long- or medium-length hair, pulling it back into a ponytail is sometimes the simplest, most functional fitness style to choose. Sweep hair off the face and keep the ponytail high to lift hair off the neck. But a word of caution: Never wear your ponytail so tight that it causes discomfort. If you wear your hair this way each and every day, it could spell hair loss from traction alopecia. Another plus with ponytails is that this style is usually the foundation for a number of other hairstyles that work well for workouts. (Think loose or compact buns, single-braid buns and other creative updo’s.)

Buns. What could be simpler than a sleek, smooth bun? This classic hairstyle can be worn loose or tightly wound (just not too tight). Simply pull a comb gently through the hair, pull strands back from the face, make a ponytail and secure with an elastic band (use an Ouchless band that won’t snap or snag your tresses). Position the ponytail to the desired place in the back of your head or higher up near the crown. Wrap your ponytail around the base—where the elastic holds the hair together. Once all the hair is wrapped in a circle, use pins to secure the bun to your head.

Braids. Choose microbraids, cornrows or goddess braids, or just do easy three-strand plaits or two-strand twists (they look like braids, but are easier to do). You can pin them up so tresses stay close to the head. Just remember not to pull your hair too tight!

Bantu Knots. Part hair into sections and twist each around into compact coils you pin to the head. Bonus: Once you let out the knots, you’ll have beautiful crimps or waves in your hair.

But if you prefer not to fuss with your hair too much, there’s another option. Use accessories to hold your hair in place. Some handy and functional examples include headbands, caps, clips and scarves.

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