When you train intensely every day and don’t give your body a chance to recover, a lot of bad things can happen. The most common problem is fatigue. And it’s no surprise that your muscles might remain sore and your likelihood of injury increases. But you can also become moody and depressed, your sleep patterns can become disrupted, you might get sick more often, and you can lose the desire and enthusiasm for exercising.

Believe it or not, the way to build a better body is to get the rest you need. When you don’t include sufficient downtime in your training program, your body can’t recover and rebuild itself into a harder, stronger, more efficient machine. Isn’t that your goal?

To avoid overtraining, follow these tips: Reduce training frequency, get more sleep, boost your calorie intake to help your body recover faster, change up your workouts, and maintain relationships that help keep your life in balance.