Have you noticed scaly yellow patches on your baby’s scalp? The culprit is likely cradle cap. But don’t worry, the unsightly scalp condition doesn’t pose a risk to your little one. These tips from dailyglow.com will help you clear that crusty buildup off baby’s head quick-fast.

First, what exactly causes cradle cap? It’s believed hormones overstimulate the oil-producing glands before birth and trigger the condition.

While cradle cap itself doesn’t lead to complications, itching may develop and cause babies to scratch their scalps—and that could cause skin irritations or bleeding and create openings for infections.

Usually, babies don’t need cradle cap treatment because the condition disappears in time. But if you’d prefer your little one’s head to be free of ugly flakes and scales, try these tips:

•Wash baby’s hair frequently with a gentle baby shampoo
•Brush baby’s scalp with a soft brush, or loosen buildup by wiping with a towel
•Gently massage baby oil or mineral oil into your little one’s scalp and shampoo afterward (Caution: Remove the oily stuff to avoid worsening the condition)
•If the condition is severe, ask your pediatrician to prescribe a shampoo designed to treat seborrheic dermatitis
•If cradle cap gets inflamed, your doctor can recommend a cortisone cream to control the condition
•If cradle cap spreads beyond the scalp, consult your doctor for treatment

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