Many concerned moms know that caring for their babies’ hair is just as important as caring for their tiny tots’ bodies. Babies tend to have very sensitive skin that’s easily irritated by harsh products used on their hair and scalp. On, Tami Dimmerman, founder of LeBaby (a chemical-free, non-toxic hair gel), offers these five tips to help parents tame babies’ hair without irritating their delicate strands and scalp.

Comb when wet. After shampooing and conditioning, use a wide-tooth or thin comb—depending on babies’ hair texture—to clear little ones’ hair of any knots before they become tangles. Skip any hair brushing to avoid more tangles.

Check baby’s scalp. If you notice cradle cap—oily, flaky patches of skin—on the babies’ scalp, then comb and wash out dry skin. Next, apply a lotion to the scalp to prevent a recurrence of dryness. (Important: Never use baby oil on newborns’ scalp; this increases the risk of cradle cap.)

Stick with baby-friendly hair stuff. To ensure harsh ingredients don’t damage babies’ hair, use age-appropriate products until at least age 1. Moisturize infants’ scalp and hair with baby lotion and vaseline to keep their peach fuzz healthy.

Apply climate control. Non-toxic hair gels or lotions are great to protect babies’ hair from static and frizz caused by cold, humidity or rainy weather changes.

Shine on. Mix a combo of lotion and Vaseline to put on babies’ hair to keep tresses gleaming and scalp thoroughly moisturized.

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