Q: How can faking orgasm affect a couple’s relationship?

A: Remember the scene in the movie When Harry Met Sally when actress Meg Ryan faked an orgasm in a deli? The scene sparked a lot of talk. One reason might have been because it made people wonder whether someone had faked an orgasm with them.

Have you ever done this, or had it done to you? Deception is not a good thing for an intimate relationship. Faking an orgasm to lead your partner to believe you’ve reached a climax when this hasn’t happened is just dishonest. It’s like you’ve lied to your partner, and there’s nothing like lying to erode the trust in your relationship.

Sex is an amazing and beautiful experience that allows couples to release their inhibitions and become more vulnerable in their relationship. The sexual act is not only physical, it’s also an emotional and mental experience that helps couples build a bond.

Once trust is broken, it’s very difficult to re-establish and a couple’s relationship may suffer irreparable harm from this kind of sexual subterfuge.

Even worse, if the truth is ever revealed, imagine how betrayed and hurt your partner will feel. Would you like to feel that way?

If your answer is no, then just don’t do it—ever.