Q: Which qualities or behaviors are red flags not to be ignored in your relationship? 

A: In healthy relationships, partners are loving, sexually compatible, respectful, trustworthy, honest, communicative and emotionally available. But if folks exhibit any of the tendencies below, heed the handwriting on the wall:

  • Untrustworthiness. Habitual behavior of this kind triggers credibility issues that render communication and honesty impossible in a relationship. Partners who don’t hold themselves accountable to loved ones are irresponsible and lack respect and integrity.
  • Incompatibility. If individuals are total opposites sexually, morally, or in other key ways, this can create huge problems in a relationship.
  • Constant insecurity. Those who allow fear and self-doubt to cultivate unwarranted suspicion, paranoia and jealousy in their hearts toward their mate can destroy a union.
  • Codependency. This unhealthy condition smothers growth for both people in a relationship.
  • Emotional immaturity. Individuals who display this characteristic aren’t yet adults emotionally, so they’re not ready for a grownup union.
  • A lack of commitment. Significant others who cheat, become involved in illegal activities or lead double lives are essentially unavailable to their partners and cannot build or sustain solid relationships. 
  • Abusive behaviors. Verbal, emotional or physical violence perpetrated by a partner is never acceptable.