Eight-year-old twin girls forced their mom, Yanique Williams, 30, to do double duty to control their curls.

Problem: Frizzy, dry curls
“Their hair got very frizzy and dry, especially in the crown. In that area it seemed like it was breaking more. I also found that some of the products meant for black hair didn’t work on their hair.”

Solution: Find products that target specific problems.
“I tried Sulfur 8 when I was younger. Head & Shoulders shampoo and Nature’s Blessing hair pomade helped with dry scalp. Sanique’s hair was drier than Yanique’s so I concentrated more on her. I still deal with [dryness], but now I’m able to control it. Their hair is naturally curly, so it’s easier to manage when wet. I also stopped using rubber bands in their hair. Now, I use the silicone kind that slips out easily. I don’t pull their hair back too tight, and I don’t use bands with the little metal clips.

“If you don’t want to put chemicals on children’s hair, you may need to experiment to see what works. There are a lot more options now than before. My girls like that they can wear different styles [straight or curly]. They appreciate the versatility.”

Helpful Tips

  • Don’t limit yourself to specific brands, but do take time to read the ingredients.
  • Black hair is fragile; treat it with care.
  • Appreciate the quality time with your kids on wash and style days.