Real Health Winter 2009

Real Health Winter 2009

In every issue of Real Health, you’ll find the hottest topics of interest to our readers along with cutting-edge health information.

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Sometimes She Cries

Entertainer Sheryl Lee Ralph has battled the virus on all fronts for almost two decades. But even the most stalwart warriors tire.

Inside the Issue

Healthy Eating on a Shoestring Budget

These days two things are a priority for most people: their budget and their health.

Real Health

ABCs of Children’s Hair Health

Nurture those precious strands on their heads, but also teach kids that hair does not measure a human being’s value.

Real Health

Real People Hair Health

African-American Parent Hair Challenge

Real Health

Editor’s Letter-Winter 2009

Scary Times for a Health Care Reformist 

Real Health

Bad News About

Each day we’re inundated with messages about healthy habits. How to separate the good advice from the bad. 

Real Health

Label Liability

Does calling HIV a “black disease” help us or hurt us?

Real Health

OTC Oral HIV Test...Yea or Nay?

You may soon be able to test yourself for HIV at home—results in 20 minutes—with the OraQuick Advance Rapid HIV Antibody Test, purchased.....

Real Health

A Trans Formative Conversation

Parents agree--talking to children about sex and sexuality is never easy, and that conversation is often just as hard on the kids. 

Real Health

Ask the Sexpert

Sexologist Rachael L. Ross, MD, PhD, a.k.a. Dr. Rachael answers your questions.

healthy food pouring into gold capsule illustration fruite vegetables salmon nuts coconut kale

Food: A Prescription for What Ails You

Turn your pantry into a culinary medicine chest. 

Food Fight!

Most nutrients work well in pairs, but some refuse to play nice. according to Harvard University researchers. 

Real Health

Stop Beefing

Studies reveal that eating large quantities of fatty red meat might raise the risk of developing heart disease and cancer as well as damage th...

Real Health

Empowering Gels

Microbicides alone won’t stop women from getting HIV. But they will help. 

Real Health

Stuff We Love

These products are worth every last penny.

Real Health

Self-Image: It Is All About You

There’s real value in embracing everything about yourself. 

Real Health

Discord, Divorce, and Disease

When it comes to your health, divorce is no cakewalk. 


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