You are more likely to stick with an exercise regimen if you enjoy it. To find out which activities best suit you, circle the answers below.

1. I enjoy physical activities that:
a. Are competitive and fast-paced
b. Give me solitude
c. Challenge me mentally and physically
d. Combine recreation and socializing
e. Involve flipping channels with the remote

2. I like to feel:
a. The burn
b. Strong and energized
c. Peaceful
d. The beat
e. The couch

3. I like to work out:
a. In competition with others
b. By myself
c. In small groups
d. With an instructor
e. My chewing muscles

4. My favorite workout soundtrack is:
a. “I Sweat”
b. “Chariots of Fire”
c. Chanting
d. African beats
e. The beep of the microwave.

Tally up your a’s, b’s, c’s, d’s and e’s to find out your type.

Mostly a’s: Driven Type A High-intensity cardio activities like boxing or kickboxing will keep you challenged and motivated. Mix it up on alternate days with weight training.

Mostly b’s: Self-Motivated Soloist. Try individual cardiovascular exercises like running, speed-walking and swimming. Then round out your workout with Tai Chi, a Chinese practice that stretches and strengthens through slow movements.

Mostly c’s: Mindful Exerciser. Try Vinyasa, a style of yoga in which you move fluidly from pose to pose or a Pilates mat class, for intense core strengthening.

Mostly d’s: Dancercizer. Try African dance or Capoiera—an Afro-Brazilian martial art performed to drumming—for an energetic, heart-and-soul workout.

Mostly e’s: Gentle Beginner. Try Hatha-style yoga to gradually increase your flexibility and build a fitness foundation. Or walk. Exercise with others for fun and to make it harder to blow off a session.