On a special holiday such as Valentine’s Day, many women want their hair’s curls and waves to look especially luscious and lovely. NaturallyCurly.com gives naturals the gift of five tips to revitalize their mane for a romantic night out.

Add some shine. You’ve seen it in the movies and recognize it from real life: Tresses that reflect a glossy shine can add radiance and intrigue to a person’s appearance. But for hair to have luster that doesn’t look sprayed on, it has to come from inside not outside your hair’s strands. Get curls lustrous with coconut and avocado oil. Both replenish your curly strands’ inner gleam. (A flat beer rinse can also add to hair’s glossy appeal—but better to experiment with a brewski on a no-date night.)

Moisturize. Well-moisturized strands also give hair that desired inner glow. What’s best for instant moisture? That would be a deep condition. Also, avoid using hair dyes that dry out your hair. (Click here to check out tips to create a moisturizing regimen that’s right for you.)

Turn up the volume. For ladies with wavy locks, adding pouf and some extra bounce can be just the right thing to make heads turn. Try gently clipping hair at the roots to increase volume at the top of your head. Then, separate your already damp hair at the front into sections about one-inch wide. Twist up and secure sections with duckbill clips. When you take out the clips shake your hair loose—voila! Volume galore.

Apply curl control. On this special occasion, no one wants a case of the frizzies or a bad hair day. To reduce frizz, rinse the conditioner out of your hair with cold water; this will close the outer cuticle layer of your hair and trap moisture into your locks. In addition, try to avoid hair breakage by reducing the amount of time you use a blow dryer or other heat tools. Let your hair air-dry whenever possible.

Nourish your hair’s health. This is not a one-day undertaking. Incorporate nutrient-rich foods into your diet, such as leafy green vegetables, salmon, almonds and cashews. Create a moisturizing regimen and avoid chemical treatments that can dry out your tresses. To avoid splits, regularly trim your hair ends. Remember, to achieve long-term relationship satisfaction with your hair, it’s important to pay attention to overall health and self-esteem.

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