Stuff We Love

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John Masters Organics Lavender, Rose Geranium & Ylang Ylang Soap
($8, 4.5 oz.)
Organic olive oil, cupuacu butter and essential oils make this a super-moisturizing, soothing and luxurious cleanser for face and body.

Intimina by Lelo Personal Moisturizer
(2.5 fl. oz., $17.90)
This non-greasy, non-staining, latex-friendly personal lubricant helps keep vaginal tissue supple. This prevents painful sex resulting from dryness and a loss of collagen and estrogen.

Perfect Match Mood Gel Polish Collection
(6-bottle pack, $30-$80)
These fashionable shades change colors based on your body heat and surroundings.


(single pair, $14.95; 2-pack, $25)
Thanks to clasps on the side, this bikini-style underwear goes on and comes off very easily—you can put them on while standing up and without taking off your pants.

Babor’s Algae Active Fluid FP
(14 ml, $42)
The secret to a more radiant and revitalized complexion is in the active marine ingredients that moisturize skin and help stimulate circulation.

Babor’s Hydra Plus Active Fluid FP

(14 ml, $27)
Apply this skin plumper to face and neck in the morning or at night to rebalance and replenish the skin with moisture.