Whether you’re jetting to the islands, hitting the beach or planning a summer cruise, this time of year is all about vacations. And while you’ll probably remember to pack a bikini, what about your hair essentials? A vacation doesn’t mean that you suspend your hair care routine. Here are tips from Coco and Crème for how to work your hair with limited time, space and products while on vacation.

Accessorize. While you’re out buying that sarong, pick up a straw hat or a silk wrap. Hats do double duty: They shade you from the blazing sun and protect your hair from heat damage caused by its rays. A silk scarf does the same. Plus, you can wrap your hair in it at night to prevent breakage and splitting. Fashion bonus: Both are fashionable choices that subtly hide unstyled hair.

Sport textured hairstyles. Curls and waves are easy to maintain, and they always look fresh. Similarly, twist outs and Bantu knots work for all hair types and are basically maintenance-free. For a sporty style, on active days try comfortable, easy-to-style, easy-to-keep braids and ponytails. Style suggestion: If your schedule will allow it, try wet and wavy hair extensions, which can be worn curly and also flatironed straight.

Wash and wear hair. Simply ringing out excess water from hair won’t wash out the chlorine, salt and grime that can strip your hair of lubricants and also dry it out. Plus, your hair is most prone to breakage and splits when it’s soaking wet. What to do? Immediately after a swim, wash tresses with a conditioning shampoo, then use a dry, clean towel to gently dry hair. Pre-swim protector: Saturate your hair with water and add a coat of conditioner before taking a dip.

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