After days and evenings spent in the hot summer sun, yourscalp may be screaming for mercy. comes to the rescue with thesesoothing remedies for dry scalp.

Spritz for relief. Mix water and tea tree or rose oil (most any oil will do) and pour into a bottle with a nozzle. Then treat your scalp to a quick refreshing spritz. (Make sure to part your hair for best results.) Use this mixture throughout the week or whenever scalp starts to itch. Pour into a travel bottle for on-the-go spritz.

Eat good stuff. Starchy, fatty and processed food will go straight to your hair and scalp where they’ll cause dryness, itchiness and general discomfort. Instead, load up on lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Get the blood flowing with a scalp massage! Begin by applying a little bit of oil to your scalp; part your hair as you go. Start at the crown, then work your way to the base of your head—and don’t forget the area around your ears. Then, using the pads of your fingers, work the oil into your scalp using slow, circular motions. The movements are relaxing, and the steady pressure helps enhance energy and circulation.

Skip shampoo and do a co-wash. Using conditioner to wash your hair helps hydrate your scalp. What’s more, co-washing also rinses some oils and dirt from your hair while gently moisturizing strands. Start with three co-washes each week and increase or decrease as needed.

Use oils. Four are well-known as moisturizing marvels: grapeseed, jojoba, coconut and rosemary. Grapeseed oil is packed with antioxidants, is non-allergenic and easily absorbed into the body. Jojoba oil helps moisturize and protect follicles against hair loss factors such as dryness and breakage. Coconut oil conditions, protects and moisturizes your scalp while promoting hair growth. And rosemary oil boasts cancer-inhibiting benefits and is a natural circulatory stimulant. (To prep the oil, start by heating 2 tablespoons of dried rosemary and half cup of olive oil in the microwave for 2 minutes. Let the infusion sit for two days, then strain and pour into a bottle.)

Simply massage any of these oils into the scalp after washing, leave in the hair for at least 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse.

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