PROBLEM: I’m too embarrassed to be seen.
SOLUTION: Ladies: Try women-only, mirror-free exercise areas.
STOCKING STUFFER: A membership to Curves fitness centers. Price varies;; 800.484.1096.

PROBLEM: I can’t afford gyms or personal trainers.
SOLUTION: Outdoor workouts. Walking approximately 2,000 steps equals one mile.
STOCKING STUFFER: A pedometer to count your steps.  From $10; Target stores.

PROBLEM: I’ve got no room in my crib for home equipment.
SOLUTION: Foldable, portable machines.
STOCKING STUFFER: The Pro Form space-saving treadmill folds, storesupright or rolls into a closet. From $999;;888.308.9618.

PROBLEM: I travel a lot for work.
SOLUTION: A portable, packable fitness aid.
STOCKING STUFFER: Fitdeck fitness playing cards and DVD provideinstructions for a total- body workout without machines. $24.95;

PROBLEM: I’m heavy and working out hurts my joints.
SOLUTION: Try pool workouts like aqua-aerobics. The water bears your weight.
STOCKING STUFFER: Protect that weave with a festive swim cap. From $6.99;; 580.226.5871.