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L.A. City Council Votes to Ban Most Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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Frederick Wright

I live in Ca and have mixed position on Med Pot. it is the problem I have with Russ Limballs opiates or synthetic herion addiction, for I have no problem for the treatment for pain but sad when this dragon is abused to the point of danger to him and others. Med Pot is great when people can manage it for their help,what is the right dosage for indivuals, on the other hand some folks smoke it to sedate any feeling or action in their life,and many are become obese and causing medical problems.

August 3, 2012 Coachella valley


Naughtonfrom Canada and I am a Medical Marijuana Smoker and I have my Licence to Smoke or grow it here. I have no problems at all. And I also go to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries here in Canada also. This is sad to hear all of this is going on in the States and in certain states to. I like to send all my support to you over this m

August 2, 2012 Naughton


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