McDonald’s: Regular Hamburger
Skip the burgers with all the bells and whistles (cheese, bacon, supersize), and go for the regular hamburger. Though its carb count is still a little high (33 grams), it’s got only 9 grams of fat while delivering 13 grams of protein.

Taco Bell: Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco
Skip the Fiesta Taco Salad, which sounds good, but has nearly 50 grams of fat. A “fresco style” Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco weighs in at a lean 4 grams of fat and 170 calories.

Kentucky Fried Chicken: Breast
At KFC, the entire menu is finger-lickin’ trouble. Order individual white-meat pieces and lose the skin—you’ll get rid of about 80 percent of the fat (leaving about 3 grams) and still get a hefty serving of protein.