After four vaginal deliveries, my husband has complained about the loss of elasticity in my vagina. How can I turn back the clock and tighten my walls?
You can still have great sex! Hilda Hutcherson, MD, author of What Your Mother Never Told You About S-e-x, says Kegel exercises, which strengthen muscles around the vagina, are the way to go. Sit on the toilet with your legs spread. Begin to urinate, then squeeze your pelvic muscles to stop the flow. “Once you know how,” says Hutcherson, “you can Kegel anytime, anywhere.” You can even add a Kegelcisor—a vaginal barbell—to your routine (buy one online or at an adult toy store). In the meantime, grinding and rocking your pelvis in different ways during sex can give you and your man extra friction.

I’m a guy who has previously only been with men, but recently I met a woman. We’ve had sex, and I’ve developed feelings for her. I’ve been tested and am clean. Do I mess up something special by telling her what she may not need to know?
Disclosing your sexual history to your friend might be uncomfortable, but it’ll be a lot more so if one of the guys you’ve been with beats you to the punch. Moreover, says Dázon Dixon Diallo, MPH, head of SisterLove, an Atlanta-based organization for African-American women with a focus on HIV, “Why should disclosure be reserved for those who have been diagnosed with an infection? If everybody was more open with their sexual choices, there would be less disease, less heartache and fewer feelings of betrayal. If your relationship is as special as you say, she’ll love you for empowering her with the information she needs to make her own choices.”