With the pace of life constantly increasing, people depend less on sleep and more on caffeine. But what is the most prominent source of caffeine for the majority of Americans? We utilized a sophisticated market research tool, Social Radar, to run a social media analysis to gauge what people are saying about caffeine online. We were curious. What source of caffeine is talked about the most: pop or soda, coffee, or energy drinks?

Coffee wins by a large margin, dominating 74 percent of discussions surrounding caffeine. Soda or pop makes up 15 percent of conversation, and energy drinks bring in the least amount, generating 11 percent. According to this data, it looks like Americans really do run on coffee!

Energy drinks make up the least amount of conversation surrounding caffeine, and are also being talked about the most negatively out of the three drinks. The negative words that are most frequently associated with energy drinks are “death,” “heart attack,” “FDA,” “drug administration,” and so on. The presence of these words shows that although energy drinks are not perceived as dangerous in moderation, consumers see from past events they can be fatal if overused. “Alcohol” shows up in negative conversation as well, as consumers talk about the negative health effects of mixing energy drinks and alcohol.

Out of the large amount of online buzz surrounding soda or pop, 60 percent of these conversations are positive. One of the words majorly associated with pop is “cause.” After digging a little deeper into the word “cause,” we see that consumers talk about pop negatively because they believe consuming too much can cause various health issues. People also discuss acne and blemishes when they talk about pop, showing they believe pop contributes to acne or blemishes.

It is safe to say after looking at this data that Americans feel healthier overall drinking coffee as their main source of caffeine. So, next time you need a pick-me-up, think about the health benefits of your choice. If you want a little advice, we’d suggest skipping the energy drink!

Infegy is a market research company headquartered in Kansas City, MO dedicated to analyzing public opinion about a variety of subjects, issues and events so businesses can better understand consumers.