Yes, yes, we know blowouts are best saved for special occasions—’cuz who wants an attack of crackly, crunchy frizzies. Not you! So check out these harm-reduction styling tips from a professional. They’ll help you achieve salon-perfect hair at home.

  • Gently towel dry wet hair. Don’t rub too hard or you’ll end up with tangled tresses. And, please, don’t fluff hair with your hands while drying. Why? Because although this “rough drying” might save time, it also makes hair frizzy.
  • Go easy on the product. Only put a bit on the ends, especially if you have fine hair or strands that often go limp.
  • Blow-dry hair in sections. Start in front and use a round brush and enough tension to pull hair straight. Point the blow-dryer at roots and dry hair in the direction of the cuticle (from roots to ends). This helps fight frizz and keeps hair smooth.
  • Blow-dry hair section in opposite direction of how it will lay. This little trick serves to increase volume and height. And, for extra bounce, pin each section up after drying to cool. This helps set the curl so it doesn’t go flat.
  • Lightly spray hair and leave it be. Voila! Your blowout lasts. Just don’t brush hair out or run fingers through it. This damages the bounce and increases frizz.

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