Do you dread picking up the blow-dryer for fear it will leave your hair a dry and brittle mess? AOL’s celeb stylist Eva Scrivo suggests following these 10 tips to avoid hair-damaging blow-drying boo-boos. You’ll handle your tresses like a pro and get movie star results to boot.

1.    Section hair. Divide your hair into a minimum of three parts. Use claw clips to hold each section of tresses as you dry.

2.    Sit and blow-dry. You won’t be as tired as when you stand. Plus, you can take a few minutes to relax and rejuvenate while you prep hair.

3.    Work the brush with your stronger hand. You’ll get better styling results and feel more comfortable if you brush hair with your dominant hand and hold the blow-dryer with your weaker hand.

4.    Don’t overtwist the brush. Only pull brush to hair sections’ midpoint. Then twist to shape and curl tresses with blow-dryer airflow.

5.    Brush hair up toward the ceiling. Imagine a horseshoe shape coming out of your crown: Hair in the horseshoe should be blasted up, hair below can be styled downward. If you brush all your hair downward, it will look flatter.

6.    Don’t hold the blow-dryer close. Instead, use a plastic nozzle to regulate the heat, and keep dryer a few inches away from your precious mane.

7.    Keep blow-dryer nozzle parallel to hair sections you’re drying. If you don’t, the heat will only irritate the hair cuticle and leave you with fly-aways.

8.    Move your blow-dryer around. Why? So all your hair dries at the same rate.

9.    Slow down on the drying. Work methodically and carefully to avoid repeat drying of hair sections.

10.    Completely dry hair. This ensures you avoid frizz and pouf to get the shiny straight results you want.

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