Here is my list of tips on how to use dating to avoid someone running GAME on you aka a Dating Predators. See one thing Gold Diggers, Players and Pick up artists have in common is they hide their true feelings to get what they want. Sex, money or a harem. No matter which one you come across the pain is the same. These are the people who give dating a bad rep. They are the hardest of the heartbreakers. So, while I help people become the best daters they can I also help them spot the people who seek to exploit them. The people who aren’t sincere. In dating the feelings should be mutual. So here my list I affectionatey call the Playa Hata list.

*Game (gam) n. : A technique where a person uses trickery and lies to get what they want from a person they are dating without giving the other person what they want in return.

1. Make your relationship known and the person you are involved in it with. Publicizing it very openly to friends, family and everyone interested. This is referring to the idea that keeping your relationship on the “Down Low” is good. Predators say that friends and family try to mess up relationships. While that maybe true for the people on Jerry Springer, family and friends tend to support relationships. Publicity makes it hard for players to have multiple relationships.

2. Get to know partner’s day-to-day activities. Make sure that you convey interest. This allows you to get a better understand the person you are dating and it also shows that you are interested in their daily life. Staying aware of your dates activities makes it hard for them to trick or lie to you.

3. Define the relationship with your partner. Is the relationship intimate or boyfriend/girlfriend or platonic with no intimacy. This elevates confusion in the terms of your relationship. Predators try to avoid traditional relationships and purposely confuse their victims.

4. Do not engage in sexual activity too hastily and avoid spending the night together the first time you meet. There are a lot to think about when deciding to have sex with someone and you need to give yourself time to consider having the activity with someone new. It is a good idea to avoid spending the night with them until you are ready to engage in sexual activity. Predators are extremely skilled in seduction and it wise to not under estimate their ability.

5. Get to know your partner’s personality and opinions. Talk about as many topics as you can (philosophy, religion, and racism). Couples usually talk about only a few subjects. Other couples may not talk about anything and just get to know each other sexually. If you are serious about dating then you should be actively seeking to learn as much as you can about the beliefs and convictions of the person you are dating. When you discussion your beliefs with your date it allows you to bond in more than just a physical way. Predators are afraid to develop a connection with the people who they are running GAME on.

6. Respect your partner and make sure that you are equally respected.
Because respect is subjective it relates to how a person likes to be treated. You have learn how your partner likes to be treated and you will have to inform the person of how you like to be treated.

7. Learn to feel comfortable talking to your partner and communicate often. Dating is like pre marriage or better like children say make pretend marriage. Communication is a key factor in a healthy marriage. Communication is not something that is instantaneous it sometimes need cultivation. If you have bad communication while you are dating it is highly likely you will have communication problems in you marriage.

8. Make all problems with partner known, and don’t keep things inside away from your partner. It is importation talk about things that bother you with the person you are dating. It is also important for you to think about how to present your concerns with your date. Being diplomatic is very important because the person may not be aware that their behavior is a problem for you.

9. Don’t present too many assumptions to your partner and don’t go looking for problems. What you don’t know won’t always hurt you. Respect each other’s privacy and learn to trust each other’s individuality. It is important to remember that if a person is doing something they don’t want you to know asking them will not get them to give you the answer. Wait until you have evidence proving you have a clear reason to be confused. Also, people continue to learn about themselves and their particular hang-ups throughout their adult lives. Sometimes what they learn may alter their behavior. They may not even know how to explain their new feelings with anybody. So, be cautious.

10. Know when to end a relationship. Long term friendships can evolve from friendly break-ups. Remember all relationships don’t have to end on bad notes and should not. Breaking up may not always be hard to do but it is as important as deciding whether you should date somebody in the first place. When you are dating you are checking to see if you have a future with the particular person you are dating. If anytime during the dating process you feel that you may not have this kind of connection with a person then you may need to end the dating process. If you end you dating process before a act of disrespect you can maintain a friendship with the person.