Hi: I’m Dr. Alexander Avila and I would like to welcome you to The Invincible You.

The Invincible You is the best you can be, and the best you can become, both internally and externally. Today, with the help of my friends, some of the foremost doctors and self-improvement specialists in the world, you will receive cutting edge, life-transforming information in the form of our blogs about health, relationships, fitness, and beauty.

I have assembled a team of the best of the best experts to help you in various areas of your inner and outer life. Feel free to address questions to us, so we can help you achieve your fullest potential. Some of the members of the team (which you can read in each of their respective blogs) are:

  • Dr. Marilyn Calvo: one of the top female dentists in the world: “The SuperSmile Creator.”
  • Dr. Jason B. Diamond, one of the premier facial plastic surgeons in the world, and the star of Dr. 90210: “Crafting the perfect face that reflects your inner beauty.”
  • Tony Marshall, “Dr. BioMuscles,” one of the top performance personal trainers in the US: “Helping to Create Your Ultimate Body Temple.”
  • Dr. Jay Jackson, the compassionate lap band specialist: “helping you lose weight in a natural and healthy way.”

To be invincible is defined as “incapable of being overcome or subdued; i.e. to have an invincible spirit.” For many us life is a battle, a war, that we are often in danger of losing. In our current times, the pressures of economics, war, racism, technology and loneliness are threatening to overwhelm us, and permanently cast us into a state of fear, anxiety, and separation.

In this war, we must learn the tools of survival and triumph. To fully develop your inner and outer happiness, we will bring these tools to you in a series of informative, enlightening, and entertaining blogs from our Invincible You Dream Team. Our tools will range from the psychological (healing attitudes and techniques) to the physical (diet and exercise) to the cosmetic (beauty tips and procedures).

The ultimate goal is to help make you the person you were truly meant to be: Happy, Successful, Beautiful, and Powerful, in your own way. To defeat the world at its own game, we will help you develop Psychological Invincibility.

As we take this journey together, I welcome your questions and comments at invincibleyounow@aol.com

God Bless
Dr. Alexander Avila