Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. What is considered attractive in one culture, may not be in another. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what looks best for them. If we’re talking about rhinoplasty (nose revision), this is a very personal decision. What your nose looks like can make a big impact on your face and overall appearance.

I see people of all different ethnicities who are seeking the Best Rhinoplasty (nose) surgeon they can find. The term ethnic rhinoplasty refers to individuals who are of varying and diverse ethnicities, and who want to change their nose, shaping it according to a personal standard they select, which may be different from their cultural/family look. Regardless of ethnicity, the principles and skill required are similar for every person to create an attractive and stable nose that will not collapse or develop problems over time.

Often times we see thick skin in patients of African American and Asian descent but there are also many Caucasians with thick skin as well. It is now well understood that to improve the appearance of a nose with thick skin we need to push into the thick skin and this is most often done with cartilage grafting techniques to support the tip. These are the same principles and techniques that are often used in revision or secondary rhinoplasty as well.

The aesthetic goals of the patient need to be discussed thoroughly on a case by case basis because some people may want to maintain their ethnic (or family) look while others will want to eliminate it all together. I see about 60% of people who want to maintain their ethnic appearance to some degree and 40% of people who want to eliminate it. There is no right or wrong answer; it all depends on the patient’s desires. I really enjoy working with people of all ethnic backgrounds and now with my offices in NYC, Dubai, as well as LA, I have the privilege of working with people of all different ethnicities including Latino, Middle Eastern, Armenian, African American and Asian. With the explosion of my practice in Dubai I have seen an even larger percentage of people who desire rhinoplasty. I feel very fortunate to have the high level of expertise and experience that I have doing rhinoplasty so that I can give my patients the best results they could ever hope for.

Inner beauty is really what matters the most. Some times, people want to match their inner beauty with their ideal vision of outer beauty in their personal appearance by undergoing a cosmetic procedure. As long as someone is balanced, and not obsessed about their appearance, this can be perfectly healthy--the same way that a person will go get a hairstyle or go the gym regularly to trim fat and build muscle. We all want to look and feel better (and push back the hands of time). We all want the satisfaction of knowing we look our best.

In the same way, regardless of a person’s cultural background, I strive to help the patient make the best cosmetic surgery choice for themselves and their family, taking into account the pure aesthetics of what will make that person look and feel perfectly natural and beautiful in their own way.