Hello everyone. Just recently while watching one of my favorite television shows, Braxton Family Values, I noticed something about one of the talented sisters. The camera angles in this particular episode revealed the fact that the youngest sister, Tamar Braxton, was experiencing thinning around her hairline.

As a professional I am always in hairdresser mode no matter what so I immediately thought she could really use Eufora’s Thickening Collection. I’ll get to exactly what that is a little later. But just know if you are experiencing hair loss at any stage you need to get it in your life. Or as Tamar would say, “Get your life.”

Really, up until this recent episode I never knew Tamar’s edges were so thin. Her natural hair is almost always hidden under a beautiful lace-front wig, or she may opt for a weave ponytail. Maybe she was tired of wearing them, or perhaps the lace adhesive had caused the damage. Whatever the case, I just shrugged it off as an editing faux pas.

Certainly, this was not the first time I’d seen thinning hair, especially around a woman’s hairline. It was just a little shocking because Tamar’s hair is always on point and she has a stylist that travels with her. We live in a media driven world and social media can be very cruel at times.

True to that observation, thinning hair wasn’t granted immunity. Twitter and Instagram went crazy with taunting memes and posts directed at Tamar about her hairline. She responded with a statement saying she had recently experienced that hair loss as a result of the recent birth of her son. While some questioned the validity of her claim (Why folks care so much I don’t know.), I thought of all of the women and men out there who deal with this very issue.

A thinning hairline may be caused by a slew of different issues, including but not limited to the use of heavy hair products chockfull of scalp- suffocating ingredients such as petrolatum. In addition, the problem can be caused by constantly wearing too-tight ponytails, the improper application of weaves, or simply wearing these hair enhancements too long and not allowing the scalp to breathe.

What’s more, certain medications, stress, and health issues also play a big part in hair loss as well. (A word of advice: If you have a medical problem that’s causing hair loss, that’s best tackled at the doctor’s office.)

Apart from hair loss caused by an illness, however, however, it may be that all you need to avoid strands from shedding is a healthy scalp environment that will give you the best chance to realize a full mane. This is where Eufora’s Thickening Collection comes into the picture. This product provides a healthy scalp environment and much more.

Eufora’s Thickening Collection delivers the latest in scalp and hair science. This treatment works to create the optimum scalp environment for healthy hair growth and improves the strength and elasticity of hair that’s prone to breakage. Some of the ingredients boast trademarks: ProAmino Cell Complex combines Eufora’s ProAmino Peptide Complex and Aloe Plant Stem Cell Therapy.

These breakthrough technologies work together to create the optimum scalp environment to support healthy hair growth. This high performance regimen includes a cleanser, conditioner, thickening serum, and vitamins. In addition, the line includes a scalp spray that contains the maximum concentration of aloe stem cells.

Why are aloe stem cells important? Well, stem cells nourish and protect the scalp and promote oxygen flow that reduces follicle asphyxia. Aloe stem cells allow your scalp to breathe, a function essential to the growth process. Many of my clients who use this product line have had amazing results. The hair growth they achieve is phenomenal.

Naturally, I suggest that anybody who wants growth in thinning sections, or simply thicker, healthier hair, should give this collection a try. Really, you don’t have to be an amazing singer and TV personality.

Click here to find Eufora products at a salon near you. Your edges will thank you. Smile.