brush-blue.jpg“Positive anything is better than negative nothing.” ~ Elbert Hubbard

Ever had “one of those days”? You know those times when you just can’t take it any longer. Not one more minute. You just want to lay in bed and cry because you don’t feel strong anymore. Negative thoughts are echoing in your head causing a pain so strong it can cut through marble. While symptoms slowly blaze a fire that burns doubts of your abilities into your subconscious. And no one around you can understand or relate to such confusing sorrow.

When this happens, I look everywhere for positive messages and stories. It’s like I’m pleading for help. Searching for someone to catch me.

So yesterday, right before I was about to crumple, I found someone’s arms to fall into. Her name is Lydia Emily and she is an incredible woman. I randomly came upon a news story about her art projects. As I skimmed over the article, I found out she has multiple sclerosis. This caused me to read deeper into her story. The article focused on Lydia’s goal of going to cities around the United States painting murals that raise awareness about MS.

I was inspired by the unique way she uses her passion for art to help find a cure for MS. I decided to research some of her street art. In doing so, I found a Kickstarter campaign designed to generate funds to help finish creating a documentary about Lydia Emily and her efforts. The film and Kickstarter project is called PC594.

The funny thing is, she doesn’t even know how much she helped me today. Her efforts not only inspired but also saved me from a serious pity party I was about to host. So I want to say thank you Lydia. You turned my “one of those days” into “a pretty good day”.

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PC594 - The Film - http://www.pc594