Cancer patients who drink wine have lower levels of toxins from radiation treatment, according to a study by Catholic University in Campobasso, Italy, reported by HealthDay. Previous studies of wine found that polyphenols and tannins—found in the drink—are known to decrease radiation’s harmful effects.  

The study examined 348 women given radiation therapy after breast cancer surgery. They self-reported their wine consumption during treatment.

How did they do? Women who drank one glass of wine each day had a 13.6 percent rate of skin toxicity compared with a 38.4 percent rate among nondrinkers.

“If wine can prevent (radiation)-induced toxicity without affecting antitumor efficacy, as we observed, it also has the potential to enhance the therapeutic benefit in cancer patients without increasing their risk of serious adverse effects,” said Gabriella Macchia, MD, author of the study.

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