Known as “the High Priestess of Protest,” the Rev. Willie Barrow, a civil rights leader in Chicago who was also involved in LGBT and HIV/AIDS issues, died at age 90, according to a Windy City Times obituary.

A Texas native, she was active in the 1963 March on Washington and the 1965 March on Selma, Alabama. She was also a founding member of Operation Breadbasket, which became Rainbow PUSH Coalition, a social justice and civil rights organization associated with the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

After losing her son, Keith, to AIDS in 1983, Barrow became an advocated for the LGBT and HIV communities. According to Wikipedia, Keith Barrow was a gospel singer who released a string of albums with his group Soul Shakers. When he died at age 29, “he was one of the disease’s early victims. African-American newspapers never mentioned the cause of his death.”

The Windy City Times reports that a panel for Keith was made for the National AIDS Quilt and when the Quilt was displayed in 1988 in Chicago, Barrow read the names of those lost to the epidemic, starting with the name of her son.

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