For many naturals, wash-and-go styling involves simply raking product through their tresses and then hitting the pavement. But for some curly haired naturalistas, trying the wash-and-go route can go awry because of frizz, uneven curl patterns and those flat patches that sometimes appear front and center. To help, provides a tutorial on finger curling, an easy way to form uniform curls when doing wash-and-go styling.

Wash and apply product. Begin your finger curling session with a regular wash-and-go routine. Start with clean, dripping wet hair that’s separated into sections. Take one section and apply wash-and-go moisturizer or leave-in, then layer on some gel or styling cream. Carefully rake product through hair using your fingers to evenly distribute product on strands. (Gently address hair ends using a comb.) Remember, make sure not to layer on too much stuff, but use ample product on hair to moisturize tresses and make hair malleable.

Finger curl sections. Once you’re done smoothing in product, isolate one small piece of the hair section and follow the natural curl structure of your hair. Twirl strands around the index finger of your other hand while moving your finger down the hair shaft. After you finish one part, isolate another small part in the same section and repeat this process until the entire hair section is finger coiled. Then, start on the next section. (Remember to rewet tresses with moisturizer before applying product if your hair has dried.)

Yes, this may seem laborious, but the process gets easier and speedier the more it’s done. And, no, this process doesn’t have the same low-maintenance appeal as regular wash-and-go styling. But if your strands are stubborn and tend to curl unevenly, finger curling just may save the day. Also, if you’re a low-maintenance kind of gal, this style may be just the thing for a special occasion.

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