Alarming statistics indicate that despite advances in treatment methods, Americans continue to fight an uphill battle against diabetes. New figures show that about 24 million Americans are struggling with the disease—an increase of 3 million people since 2005.

To reverse this trend, doctors continue to promote healthy lifestyles changes that can prevent people from getting type 2 diabetes and also make the disease manageable. Meanwhile, researchers also push for the development of new diabetes drugs to effectively manage the condition.

But while it’s true that some newly developed drugs have been useful in controlling diabetes, researchers have expressed concern about their safety.
“The best data we have is that lifestyle changes are most effective in preventing diabetes,” said Ann Albright, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Diabetes Translation.

“You have to look at the management of diabetes as a package,” she continued. “You really need to be taking advantage of all the tools in the toolbox.”

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