If your strands haven’t grown an inch since the last time you measured, you may be suffering from one of the many problems that can stop hair growth dead in its tracks, reports AOL’s Black Voices. What problems? Here’s a list of the 10 most common culprits behind stunted hair growth.

  1. Dirty hair. It just might be that oil and dirt are suffocating your scalp. Treat hair to a deep cleaning at least once each week.
  3. Excessive heat. Styling tools can make your hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage. Get regular protein or deep treatment conditioners to fight damage.
  5. Dried out hair and scalp. Lack of moisture makes hair easy to break. Moisturize daily and use natural oil products (instead of petroleum-based products that clog pores).
  7. Too-tight hair styles. Opting for these can cause permanent hair loss (called traction alopecia) around the temple and ears. Give your hair a break; regularly wear looser hairstyles.
  9. Overprocessed tresses. Too much relaxing, curling and dyeing can dry and dull your hair and make it fall out. Schedule treatments far apart and keep them to a minimum.
  11. Lack of exercise and healthy diet. That’s right, these are both important to hair growth. Stay active and eat foods high in omega-3s, such as fish and nuts, and drink enough water to keep you and your hair hydrated.
  13. Too much styling stress. Weaves and extensions offer hairstyle options, but remove them every six to eight weeks to give hair a weeklong break.
  15. Too many split ends. Just clip up to a half inch of hair off strands every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid this problem.
  17. Lack of protein. Hair strands are made of protein so make sure you eat enough of it in your diet! Salon-certified protein treatments can also help. Consult a stylist.
  19. You’re using the wrong regimen. For example, don’t buy a shampoo for dry hair if you have oily hair. Read product labels and buy stuff that caters to your individual hair needs.

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