Stuff We Love

Hail Merry Macaroons
(8-pack, $40,
Bite into these luscious little mounds without one ounce of guilt! They’re big on strawberry, caramel sea salt and chocolate flavor, but gluten-free, organic and vegan.

Element Rice & Corn Cakes
(from $23.94 to $47.88 for boxed packs,
Satisfy a snack attack with these crunchy, totally gluten-free discs. Topped with smooth chocolate or creamy fruit, they boast only 5 grams of sugar.

Contents Earth-Silk Glossifyer and Scalp Conditioning Cream
($35, $30,
These professional treatments promote hair growth, moisturize tresses, stop shedding and breakage, and protect hair from heat and sun damage.

Honest Tea Heavenly Lemon Tulsi
(16 fl. oz., $1.49 per bottle,
A great summertime thirst quencher, this light, refreshing tea is made from a naturally caffeine-free herb and infused with flavors from aromatic lemon peel, lemon myrtle and lemongrass.

OurSkinny The Easiest Diet Ever
(About $10 per day,
These satisfying high-protein shakes, bars and snacks are also low in fat, calories, sugar and carbs—perfect for dieters who crave simplicity.

(a hi-tech line of women’s underwear, $24 to $34,
Active women will love these undies made with FreshFix technology that wicks away moisture while eliminating odor.