The American Psychological Association (APA) is helping people in the United States cope with the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake by providing free resources on managing long-distance distress as well as disaster recovery tips on its website, Medical News Today reported.

If you’ve lost family and friends in Haiti or you’re awaiting an update on loved ones, these tips from the APA can ease your distress:

Stop watching disaster footage. A break from news updates or social media can keep you sane and reduce stress.

Focus on what you can control. Continue with your daily lifestyle routines. Continue working, going to school and cooking meals. These everyday tasks can keep you from constantly fretting about the earthquake.

Find out how you can help. You can make a difference by donating money or time to a reputable organization that’s assisting survivors.

Stay positive. Although earthquakes can cause tremendous hardship and loss, don’t forget to look at the good things in your life. Believe that this too shall pass and you will persevere.

For more advice on managing traumatic stress after a disaster, visit the APA Help Center here.

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