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STIs Rise Among Mississippi Teens

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I moved away from Mississippi, because I couldn't be happy and openly Gay there. What a close-minded state. No wonder they end up being last in nearly everything imaginable. I can't imagine anybody who is Gay choosing to live there. It is a shame that Gay youth in Mississippi are stuck -- and they are AFRAID to get an HIV test and get treatment. The rejection and stigma Gay youth receive is an embarrassment to the state.

April 30, 2008 Washington, DC


Problems in MS begin with family values, societal beliefs, and religious hell, fire, and brimstone. "Gay" is an ostracized death sentence. Support systems fail, forcing teens and young adults 'in the closet'. Their surroundings dictate self-worth and value as an individual, usually resulting in self-destructive behavior. To reach any targeted group, the MS State Board of Health, can not embarrassingly fail as in recent years. Hopefully, the CDC can help to address the sum of these issues.

April 29, 2008 Jackson, MS


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