More proof that sitting down all day is horrible for your health: A recent study published in the journal Hepatology has found that spending more than five hours a day in your chair can increase the risk of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), reports.

NAFLD is a health condition in which excess fat builds up in the liver. The obesity-related disease can cause liver scarring, called cirrhosis, and even liver failure, which may even necessitate the need for a liver transplant.

For the study, conducted by researchers at the Kangbuk Samsung Hospital in South Korea, a group of 139,056 men and women were asked to complete both physical exams and a series of lifestyle questionnaires. Findings showed that those who sat more than five hours a day had a 9 percent increased risk of developing NAFLD than people who sat for less time than that.

The effect remained strong, even among people who exercised regularly. The correlation between sitting down a lot and a higher risk of liver disease also occurred among participants with a normal body mass index.  

The data confirm other studies that highlight the effect that sedentary lifestyles can have on health, regardless of exercise or eating habits. Other recent studies have found links between sitting and cardiovascular issues, cancer, type 2 diabetes and even death.