Get a wig
An attractive wig that fits nicely with your style and facial features can go a long way to helping you remain confident about your appearance. Think of it as a fun way to change your look.

Your beauty encompasses many other variables than just your hair. If you focus on being satisfied with the person that you are, you’ll realize that temporary, or even permanent hair loss doesn’t make you any less beautiful.

Change your mind-set
Realize you are not the only one with hair loss problems. Unwanted baldness is a problem that many different people live with.

Join a forum
Millions of people live without hair for one reason or another. Many form social forums where they can get positive group support and share viewpoints and experiences with others who are going through the same thing.

Form or connect with a local support group
Get organized. You may be surprised to find supportive groups in many neighborhoods. And if no such group exists, consider starting one. Many people with hair loss may be happy and grateful you did!

Talk to a therapist
If you feel stressed about shedding strands, talk to a psychologist or a therapist who can help you find ways of coping. Eventually, these sessions can help you nurture self-acceptance, build coping skills and better communicate how you feel about your hair loss challenges.