Blue September PosterThis is the last week of the Blue September campaign, featuring Donald Faison, from the comedy series Scrubs. Blue September is an international prostate awareness campaign developed to encourage early detection and support of men diagnosed and treated for the disease.

“I will be affected in some way in my life by prostate cancer, whether it is me, a brother, or a friend—it is bound to happen,” Faison says. “Everyone around the age of 40 should have a conversation with their doctor about their prostate and get it checked.”

Many men are afraid of the prostate examination and testing, which can lead to late diagnosis and treatment. But the good news is many prostate cancer deaths can be prevented by early detection.

Here are some things health experts suggest men do to close out the month to support Blue September:

  • Eat right (including walnuts) and exercise.
  • Know your family history and share it with family members.
  • Do your research; be an active member on your health care team.
  • If you are over 40 years-old, find a physician you trust and talk to them about developing a proactive prostate care plan.
  • Talk to your peers and friends; make prostate cancer something to talk about.
  • If you are given a diagnosis of prostate cancer, don’t panic—detected early, it is highly treatable. Even in cases of advanced disease, there are more effective treatment options than ever before.

And when September ends, don’t worry. These recommendations are good for any time of the year.

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