Nearly one out of five adults in New York City is at risk for HIV infection through intravenous-drug use or unprotected sex with multiple partners, according to a study released January 10, the city’s NY1 cable news network reports (, 1/10).

According to the report, however, 92 percent of New Yorkers do not consider themselves at risk, though the current rate of infection is 1.4 percent—four times the national average. HIV has become increasingly prevalent among New York City’s African-American and Hispanic populations, while rates among city men who have sex with men (MSM) are roughly 40 times higher than that those of other groups.

“HIV infections are on the rise in young men who have sex with men, men under the age of 30,” city Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden told NY1. “And we are trying to figure out what is the best way of getting the message across that AIDS is still an incurable disease.”

Frieden and other city officials plan on further educating MSM on the dangers of HIV and will continue to distribute more than 3 million city-branded condoms per month.