For many people who plan to go natural, these questions are bound to arise. As with anything, it’s probably a good idea to consider everything your decision involves. Here, suggests a few more key questions to ask yourself before you take any action.

How do you wear your hair most often?
If you mostly keep your natural hair covered, or use wigs and weaves as your preferred styling options, you can easily transition or do a big chop (BC). (After all, only you and your hairdresser will know for sure!) But if you wear your hair uncovered most often, without using add-ons, or it’s straightened, then your decision either to transition or do a BC becomes very important.

How much patience and time do you have to care for and style your hair?
Hey, you’ve got to be realistic. If you’re on a natural hair journey, patience isn’t only a plus, it’s a must. Are you prepared to wash, detangle, deep condition, apply treatments, moisturize, braid, twist and perform other styling maneuvers on a regular basis to keep your hair healthy and help it grow? What’s more, do you have enough patience to grow out your relaxed hair ends and handle fragile areas where the old and new growth meet? Yes? Then opt to transition. No? Then hide hair away and work on it under cover or do a BC and get right down to a more all-natural you.

How concerned are you about your hair length and looks?
Usually the two go together. Many people are convinced they look better with longer hair. If you’re someone who thinks so, spare yourself the probable trauma of a BC and do a slow transition. But if you’re not locked into length, are eager to experiment, or think short hair suits you too, then BC away!

Finally, whatever decision you make, it’s also a good idea to have a plan B in place. This way, if your transition efforts don’t go well, or your BC falls flat, you’ll know exactly what your next move should be!

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