OK, so you made the decision to wear your textured tresses without straightening or chemical interference of any kind. That’s a very personal choice that many times goes unsupported or, even worse, totally ridiculed. But when mean-spirited folks have unkind words to say, here are a few things to remember to get through those trying times, says NaturallyCurly.com.

Recall why you went natural. Maybe you got tired of those expensive salon visits, or you started worrying about the damage those chemicals were doing to your hair. Whatever your reasons, remember them when the haters start criticizing your decision.

Think about this: Maybe the person making the comments is ignorant. This may sound mean to say, but sometimes people who aren’t schooled about managing hair in its natural state can’t appreciate their curls. If that’s the case, try sharing some of the knowledge you’ve accumulated.

Hey! Maybe they’re just jealous! This is a real possibility. Just look at it this way: Your naturally curly hair doesn’t need any outside assistance to get that full, thick volume. People often get green with envy when someone else has something they want. If that’s the case, they have the problem, not you.

Really, there’s never an excuse for being nasty and ridiculing others. The world is made up of many different people who have personal preferences about the way they choose to look.

After all, that’s their right, as well as yours.

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