Natural black hair textures range from tight corkscrew curls to small coils. The problem? This structure makes it difficult for natural oils to get distributed along the hair shaft. The result? Tightly curled hair is drier than straight hair. The solution? Try this recipe from for a homemade avocado and shea butter moisturizer that seals in moisture and provides the necessary vitamins to promote hair growth.

Prepare the mixture. Start by heating 1 cup of shea butter until it melts completely. Next, add a half cup of avocado oil to the melted shea butter. Cool the mixture in the fridge for 20 minutes or until it solidifies. Next, whip the concoction with an electric mixer until oils become a light, yellow creamy substance. (The hair cream should be whipped smooth, leaving no lumps or unmixed oils at the bottom of the bowl.) Scoop the mixture into a plastic container and store at room temperature.

Apply the moisturizer. Separate your hair into at least four sections and secure each section with clips. Remove the clip from the first section that you want to work with and slather hair with a handful of the avocado-shea butter moisturizer from root to tip. Use a seamless brush to evenly distribute product through the hair. Going section by section, apply more moisturizer to the remaining hair. Then style your tresses as usual. You should see a delicious difference.

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