Sunday, August 26, marks the second annual National Faith HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NFHAAD) 2018.

People of all faiths across the United States are affected by HIV/AIDS. The goal of NFHAAD is to bring together Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and members of other faiths to share stories, build support and fight the epidemic. As the posters say: “One day. Each year. Until we find a cure.”

Events take place across the country (some of them near but not on August 26). You can watch a video of last year’s inaugural event in Washington, DC, below. The event was launched by HIV-negative ally Khadijah Abdullah and her nonprofit organization, RAHMA (Reaching All HIV+ Muslims in America).

You can read more about her in the POZ profile “Fighting With Mercy.” Abdullah also penned a Huffington Post blog titled “Are You Woke Yet?” about RAHMA.

More information about events is posted on the group’s Facebook page. You can also visit the website