About 10 years ago, I was embroiled in a very unhappy, live-in relationship with a certain someone. After Mr. Man and I had been together for almost four years, I found yet another piece of proof that I was being cheated on.

I actually found out that he’d been cheating for most of the time we were together. He was a chronic cheater. After each catch, I presented him with my proof and he denied it. That would go on until I’d find incontrovertible, undeniable proof that he just couldn’t weasel out of. And then the merry-go-round would begin once again.

After that fourth year, I’d had enough. It was time to move on. To prepare myself, I kept a journal about everything that had happened. Sure enough, constantly reading and re-reading those passages strengthened my resolve. This was something I needed to do—sooner rather than later.

So one day, I confronted this gentleman and told him we were through. I allowed him to pack his belongings and told him I was changing my locks. What he couldn’t take with him, I stowed in the garage and allowed him to pick up later.

And so days without him turned into weeks and then months and then years.

Motivation is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?