Every man wants his “Johnson” to be up and running, yet few men are informed about common genital disorders that can affect them. Here’s a list of the ones doctors most frequently cite.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED): The inability or inconsistent ability to keep an erection—often linked to certain diseases, such as diabetes, kidney disease and multiple sclerosis, among others. Psychotherapy, drug therapy (such as Viagra) and surgery are forms of treatment.

Peyronie’s Disease: Of uncertain cause, this hard lump forms on the penis and may cause it to curve during an erection. Docs suggest waiting one to two years before considering surgery as it may clear up on its own.

Testicular Cancer: Most often occurring in men between ages 20 and 39, this cancer forms in one or both testicles. It’s estimated that 8,090 new cases will be reported in 2008. Treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and the prognosis is good: Most men with this type
of cancer can be cured.

Balanitis: An inflammation of the head of the penis, this condition is easily treated with simple air exposure, localized cleansing and local antibiotics.